Michael Jackson - The Other Side Of Midnight

Our premise regarding the dispute between the Michael Jackson Estate and IRS is that nobody’s win in this judgment case (although some fans and people see it as a win – lose battle). The point is that the executors of the Michael Jackson Estate “screwed up” big time and went under IRS scrutiny for incorrectly implementing values to some assets completely out of the real market. And it must be clear that this trial happened after the Estate tried to strike the report of experts Mr. Anson and Mr. Nimmer, rejecting the adjusted values the IRS proposed after documents evaluation. The Estate challenge has been answered by calling them on trial for Feb 6, 2017.


We are not going to summarize the depositions which have been already very well reported and transcripts by teammichaeljackson.com 
We are going to make a short recap of the figures discussed and still in discussion…

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Michael Jackson - The Other Side Of Midnight

In the light of the confusion arose since the trial IRS/Estate of Michael Jackson started, we are going to summarize the issues going and that brought this trial set

The Michael Jackson Estate filed an Estate tax return with a date of death valuation date of June 25, 2009 e reported a total gross estate of $57,203,929 with deductions of $57,203,929, which resulted in a taxable estate of $0.00.

IRS issued a statutory notice of deficiency on May 13, 2013. In the notice, IRS increased the values of various assets. The Michael Jackson Estate filed a petition on July 26, 2013.

Main issues to be solved:

  1. Michael Jackson name and likeness;
  2. Michael Jackson’s interest in New Horizon Trust II (Sony/ATV’);
  3. Michael Jackson’s interest New Horizon Trust III ( Mijac);
  4. Associated penalties

The main and most difficult point of this trial it will be to find a fair compromise on the…

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Michael Jackson - The Other Side Of Midnight

Rummaging through the old MJ financial lawsuits, now forgotten in the depths of the court archives and no longer “under seal”, we finally found the documents we were looking for such a long time. We knew these documents to be the key for understanding and giving the right interpretation of Michael Jackson’s words when he was telling us: “They want my catalog” “…. there is a big fight for it”. On too many occasions he addressed these issues.

But before approaching the documents and showing “the numbers people have played on him”, let’s face finally for good, how nd misleading the media were towards MJ.

Fabricated headlines that became a relentless smear campaign that mockingly wanted him ruined, and on the verge of bankruptcy since the beginning of the new millennium. Everybody can remember headlines such as “Jacko: Advisers made sure he wasn’t Dead” (published on foxnews and signed…

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Let me get this straight. We were supposed to believe a fully sedated man sat up in bed while his doctor, who was being paid $150,000 nuts a month was out of the room while Michael prepared a compl…

Source: Michael Jackson: With a Child’s Heart

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Vindicating Michael

Seven years after Michael Jackson’s death the people who kept hacking him throughout his life are doing it again.

This time Radar Online and other Michael Jackson’s best friends like the Mirror, the Sun and the rest of the like-minded media decided to mark the anniversary of his death by spreading lies about poor Jackson under the headlines: “Never-Before-Seen Cop Reports Expose Michael Jackson’s Sick Secrets”,  “Michael Jackson ‘stockpiled child sex abuse pics in bid to seduce young boys at his Neverland ranch”,  “A vast collection of sick and twisted material was discovered at the King of Pop’s Neverland ranch in 2003, a new report alleges. Why is it only being reported now?”, and so on and so forth.

Well, a short answer to the above question is – it is being reported only now because it is only now that they thought of a new big…

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“The Beatles catalogue is not for sale, has not been for sale and will never be for sale.” Michael Jackson http://www.bbc.co.uk Almost 7 years after Michael Jackson’s manslaughter, the M…

Source: Beatles Catalogue Sold Over Michael Jackson’s Dead Body

“The Beatles catalogue is not for sale, has not been for sale and will never be for sale.” Michael Jackson http://www.bbc.co.uk Almost 7 years after Michael Jackson’s manslaughter, the M…

Source: Beatles Catalogue Sold Over Michael Jackson’s Dead Body

The Michael Jackson Academia Project

“The Beatles catalogue is not for sale, has not been for sale and will never be for sale.” Michael Jackson

BBC News Storywww.bbc.co.uk

Almost 7 years after Michael Jackson’s manslaughter, the Michael Jackson Estate has finally cut the deal that Jackson’s friends and family claim he believed he would be killed for; Sony Music has taken ownership of Jackson’s 50% share of the Sony/ATV music-publishing catalogue it had jointly owned with him since 1995. News of the deal broke on March 15th, 2016.

Jackson’s former lawyer, John Branca, now executor of the Michael Jackson Estate and, coincidentally, also an advisor to Sony Music, oversaw the sale.

Public court records show several of Jackson’s friends and relatives (Jackson’s former spokesperson, Raymone Bain, Jackson’s father Joseph, Jackson’s brother Randy) have stated under oath that Jackson, for several years prior to his death, had suspected John Branca of working against…

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Vindicating Michael

Recently all those who read, comment and write in this blog were stunned to find that it was suddenly suspended. And a couple of days later all of us were similarly stunned to suddenly find it back.

What happened?

The way I understand it Michael Jackson’s haters wanted to have the blog taken down and complained to WordPress that our reserve wordpress blogs were “spam” intended to promote the main site, and this is why the whole bunch of them should be taken down.

The WordPress looked it up, suspended the reserve blogs but restored the main one. So the bad news is that now we have only one blog (with no back-ups and no archives for the earlier posts), but the good news is that now this website is the only one and unique.

It means that if haters go on impersonating us (read about it in a post…

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Vindicating Michael

We continue studying the 2005 court documents in search for MJ’s phantom victims and their millions, as well as the “wealth of evidence” from the 90s which allegedly could not be admitted at trial due to some technicalities.

This is already part 3 of the search and up till now not a single trace of the above has been found. On the contrary, we learned that all discovery from the 1993 case was requested by the defense and it was the prosecution who blocked it with excuses that it is extremely “complex” and “demanding of time” and they have “limited resources”, and to crown it all, the discovery from prior investigation is “irrelevant”.

A short reminder from the defense’s motion on September 3, 2004:

“The prosecution has not responded in writing to this request. The prosecution has stated in court, however, that discovery from the prior investigation is irrelevant” 

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